Product Care and General Questions

All of our upholstery fabrics are dry clean only. When cleaning case goods and furniture, beware of some felt pads that have a pre-glued side as some of these adhesives contain chemicals that can damage the lacquer. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD AN ABRASIVE CLEANER EVER BE USED. Always remember to lift objects rather than sliding them across the finish. When dusting, please use a soft, dry cloth.

Your John-Richard Furniture will give you many years of enjoyment provided it is looked after in the following manner.

Keep the furniture out of direct sunlight since overexposure could change the color of the protective topcoat or cause colors to fade.  

John-Richard Furniture is meant for indoor use only and must be used or stored in a climate controlled environment. Avoid extremes of temperature and humidity. Do not place your furniture next to a heating or cooling vent.

Clean your furniture with a soft, clean cloth. If this does not remove residue from the furniture you should moisten the cloth with water and gently wipe away the stain. Dry with a soft cloth to remove moisture.

Under no circumstances should you use a solvent to clean your furniture. Solvents such as alcohol, thinner, nail polish remover etc. will all degrade the topcoat thereby leaving your furniture unprotected. If a stain or residue cannot be removed in the above fashion, please contact a professional furniture finisher to assist you.  Decorative hardware should be cleaned in the same way as the rest of the furniture. Do not use solvents or abrasives on the metal bases, handles drawer pulls etc.

Do not put lamps, accessories, sculptures etc. directly on top of your furniture. Use protective pads on the bottom of the decorative item to avoid scratching the surface.


Clear Acrylic is an important design material especially for more contemporary furnishings. The acrylic that John-Richard uses in almost all cases is a super-clear material which is almost as transparent as glass.

To care for your acrylic product and ensure that it retains its clarity and beauty over time, please follow these simple care guidelines.

Do not expose acrylic to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Even the best acrylic may yellow after a few years if exposed to direct sunlight.

Clean your acrylic item with a clean damp cloth. You may use a mild soap if required to remove heavier grime but, in this case, make sure you remove excess soap by using a damp or wet cloth, without soap, after the dirt is removed.

DO NOT use any cleaning product containing ammonia or other solvents as they may cause an adverse reaction resulting in a cloudy or uneven surface.

Over time, even with the best of care, your acrylic item may develop very tiny scratches on the surface causing it to look slightly cloudy. In this case we recommend using one of the commercially available acrylic repair kits or acrylic buffing compounds. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to bring the acrylic back to its original clear condition.

John-Richard recognizes the following holidays.

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