id 810

id 810

The id 810 design group, a boutique firm specializing in residential design, was founded by two dynamic designers; Virginia Toledo and Jessica Geller. Their projects, including pre-war Park Avenue residences, Westchester homes and Hoboken row houses, showcase the designer’s mastery of the construction process. This unique talent is evident in the firm’s major renovations and allows them to design, manage and fully execute homes that withstand trends and time. Whether designing for families, NYC singles, or couples preparing to retire, the spaces that id 810 design group transforms are rich with personal meaning and are unique spatial solutions that reflect the lifestyles of each individual owner.

We met up with Virginia and Jessica at the recently held Lightovation Show in the Dallas Market Center. We asked them to share with us some of their favorite John-Richard products and their picks are a perfect curation illustrating their signature style.

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